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Personal / Corporate

Personal/Corporate Overseas enterprises as the core of the user's Comet - Digital Banking service. Comet - Digital Banking account support multiple currencies, support to many parts of the world at a low fee remittance, online at low rates to maintain currency exchange, currency, through it can like banks enjoy 7*24 hours of uninterrupted financial services.

Overseas Foreign Workers

Overseas labor market has great potential. Diaspora workers needs have helped develop this type of account, they can work to the local institution to pay back to the motherland after Comet - Digital Banking service storage, convenient working and convenient management of financial expenses to pay home.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions as the core users of i-Account services. It is the pursuit of large remittance companies or financial institutions to use the type of account. Financial institutions account can provide higher than ordinary bank remittance agencies or general amount.

System providing

Comet - Digital Banking makes your global business networks much easier as it records each transferred funds. We guarantee smooth and safe business with no hazards. In such a way, Comet - Digital Banking acts as a major tool to make global business networks grow.

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